Copper-Red Halo Smokey Eye

I have been loving the new ‘Halo’ eye shadow trend which is going on. It involves bringing a darker colour on the inside and outside corner, conetcing the bottom lash line with the top lid colour! Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how I achived this smokey halo eye look! 


  1. Apply a light brown (cool or warmed toned) into the crease. This will be our transition shade.  
  2. Apply a deep red (I used morphe eyeshadow #71) to the outer and inner corners. Dont worry about this being messy as we will blend and add more. Its a process but its worth it!   
  3. Apply a golden/bronze metallic shadow (morphe #74) to the centre to fill in the blank space. Blend together using an oval shaped brush with a small amount of the red shade. Apply the previously used transition colour to the bottom lash line and smoke out using a pencil brush. Connect the red with the transition shade on be bottom lash line using a light mix of the red and transition. This is what creates the ‘halo’ shape.  
  4. Build up to the intensity of red that you feel comfortable with. Apply a black at the outer corner using a precision brush, and blend in well for a gradient effect. Remeber to blend into bottom lash line too.   
  5. Apply the same black with a light hand along the bottom lash line, blending into the transition shade. Bring the black out to a sharp point paralel to the inner corner of your eye. You can sharpen this with liner if you wish !!   
  6. Apply some mascara and lashes of your choice. Remember you can switch up the colour depending on your skin tone or eye colour! 



    Zoeva Brushes Review

    322/BROW LINE

    This fairly large eyebrow brush is made from vegan taklon bristles, this means that the brush is has somewhat fragile soft bristles which are allergy free. It can be used with cream and powder products, I have been using MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme and it works a treat! This brush is quite large in width but is shaped with a thin taper for precision. I purchased this brush from beautybay for £5.95! What a bargain, especially for the quality! This could compare to the MAC 208 in quality. 


    This brush is great for precision work in the crease or blending under the eyes. I personally use this brush for placing my transition colour as I have quite small eyes and this just makes it easier for me to work with my eye shape. This brush is made from a natural synthetic hair mix which is extremely  soft. When this brush arrived I was a bit discouraged from the way the bristles were spread apart but I placed a plastic cover over for about 30 minutes and this set the bristles back in shape! All in all this is an amazing blending brush, for both big and small eyes. 


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    Outfit Of The Day | WINTER EDITION


    Black leather knee high boots- Peacocks  (similar in new look)

    Dark brown leather hand bag-
    Jimmy Choo £1150 (roughly) (similar bags can be found in high street shops)
    Black leather biker jacket-
    George £42 (similar | new look, topshop)

    Denim blue/grey ripped knee jeans-
    Topshop £45 (similar | newlook, quiz)

    Checked Flannel-
    New look £16 (similar | american apparel, topshop)
    U neck black vest top-
    Topshop £8 (similar | at any shop, usually in basics department)

    Ray ban £90 (roughly) (will try and find the certain style) many shops do these exact glasses but without the brand logo, there is no other difference.
    Black heart rhinestone chocker necklace-
    New look £5.50 (similar | anywhere that sells jewellery really)


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    Top 10 under £10!

    I love reading these sort of blog posts, because its really easy to pop out to your local drugstore and pick a few things up instead of splurging on high end products! I hope this helps wither you are just starting up a collection or if you just enjoy treating yourself!


    I tried to pick one thing from each ‘section’ of face makeup, and also I threw a scent in there too!

    #1. Concealer
    Maybelline Instant Age Rewind- this is a complete dupe for the Mac pro long wear concealer! It covers everything but blends out so easily, and it is a steal at £7.99!

    #2. Primer
    Maybelline Baby Skin- I was a bit iffy about this at first, but i discovered that if you use the smallest amount, it does the job it should! Just a basic primer, doss good things for my pores. I got mine at boots for £7.99.

    #3. Foundation
    L’oreal True Match- this is beyond amazing! If you are oily this would he amazing for you, aslong as you set around your t-zone. I cant wear this when im dry because it clings to all the dry patches. This covers up pretty much everything but if you have lots of blemishes I suggest a green concealer underneath! I cant remember where I purchased this, but im sure it was around £9-£10.

    #4. Pressed powder
    Rimmel Stay Matte- these not much to say about this apart from it does what it says on the package. I purchased mine for £3.99.

    #5. Blush
    S&G Love at First Blush- this is a beautiful rosy pink multi-wheel blush in the shade ‘pink pop and pearl’. It looks so natural on the skin! This is kind of cheating, but this is usually £11. But!!.. Its always on offer for around £9 in boots, therefor it still counts! Hehe

    #6. Bronzer
    S&G Solar Powder- This is an average bronzer, the only bronzer that i own under £10, but it is still a good product. It have two sides, so you can choose your preferred shade or mix together, it looks very healthy and natural on the skin! The same situation as the blush goes for this, it is usually £11 but it is always on offer for £9 in boots! Plus, the packaging is beautiful!

    #7. Eyeshadow/Cream shadow
    Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr- I have mine in the shade ‘Pink Gold’! I wont go into too much detail about this product because I done a review on it, you can read that here. This is around £5-£6 depends where you get it from, and is all round an amazing cream shadow!

    #8. Mascara
    Maybelline Big eyes- this is an amazing mascara, its so black and makes your eyelashes really think and long. As people would say now a-days ‘on fleek’. The only down side is, it smells funny, but I can get over that. This mascara is sold for around £5-£6.

    #9. Lipliner
    Italia Deluxe Lip Liner- mine is in the shade ‘nude 1038’. I used this in my Kylie Jenner full lips tutorial to achieve that perfect brown/mauve nude that everyone is obsessed with! This was an absolute steal at £2, I purchased mine off the Morphe website.

    #10. Body Spray
    S&G ‘Mist You Madly’ body spray- this is a lovely fresh, girly, floral scent. The packaging is gorgeous and compact so it can fit in my handbag perfectly. This was actually a gift, but it can be purchased for £6.50 in boots!

    That is my top 10 under £10. I love all these products just as much as my high end products, and I will continue to update you on my favourite drug store products in the future!

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    Naked flushed palette review! COLLAB


    I’ll admit it, the only reason I bought this was because of the highlight, I love a bit of a glow. I got this for the amazing price of £14.85 on feelunique.com instead of the high-street price of £22!

    Seen as I’m a light biscuit, the bronzer is a bit to orange for me, so it can only be used with an extremely light hand, but its still beautiful!

    As for the blush… Do you remember the kits we all used to have when we were 10 with the little lip-glosses and bright pink blushes in… This is one of those blushes. Its a barbie pink, but if you like that, you do you!

    THAT HIGHLIGHT THOUGH! Mmm damn, if heaven was a highlight, this would be it. Its gorgeous colour (off white/cream) and goes so well on my skin, usually highlights are the same colour as my skin because I am genuinely the colour of snow, but I have no problems with this what so ever! I am so impressed.

    Have you tried this palette? Leave a comment below and let me know!

    This was a collaboration with Jasmine! She also reviewed this palette so make sure to go check that out!

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    Maybelline Colour Tattoo Review

    Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been posting these past few weeks, school prelims have been and gone and I had a tonne of studying to do. But thats me back to my normal posting schedule!

    So I thought i’d start back up again with a requested review for the Maybelline colour tattoos.
    I have two, ‘On and On Bronze’ and ‘Pink Gold’ and they are absolutely beautiful! They could be compared to Mac paint pots or Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadows. The price point is around £5-£7, depending on the shop.

    They shadows are very creamy and have an amazing metallic finish. They claim to be 24 hours, but lets be real, who wears makeup for 24 hours? My guess is that they dont because I have never had anything to last that long, but I have spent a long day shopping and came home with perfect eye-makeup.
    I find that the product is easier to apply with your fingers, it warms and blends seamlessly. If your not a big makeup wearer then I would suggest sticking to powder shadows as these type of gel-pot shadows seem to dry out within about 7-8 months, but honestly, I would purchase these just to stare at.


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    Kylie Jenner Lips

    This is one of the most popular videos on youtube, and many people have different takes on that perfect pinky brown kylie lip. This is what I do to achieve full nude lips!


    Start by applying a heavy lip balm, and let in sink in while you do the rest of your face makeup. I use a lip butter as its very heavy.
    Wipe away the lip balm and start by lining your lips. I use Italia Deluxe lip liner in 1038 Nude. Personally, I think a slightly overdrawn lip looks the best, but make sure that the corners of your lips are lined exactly on your natural lip line. This helps make it look as natural as possible. You can either fill in your full lips with the pencil or just outline. Filling in the full lips will help the lipstick stay on longer.
    Once the lip liner is applied, its time to apply a lipstick. I use Mac Faux to achieve my Kylie Jenner lip, I also use Mac Viva Glam II, it really depends on what mood im in! Fill in your entire lips with your chosen lipstick.
    For that extra plump look, take a very light lipstick and apply to the centre of your lips, this will help highlight and draw your lips out even further. I use a Bodyshop lipstick in the shade LS03. To even further enhance your lips, apply a bronzer under your bottom lip and a highlighter to your cupids bow! And there you have my take on Kylie’s lips!